About Me

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One of the best things in life is to help others! It's why I became a therapist and love it! A licensed massage therapist practicing since 2013, I'm also educated in natural health - certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB) and the National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals (CNHP). Passionate about fitness, I love to bike, hike and workout. I’m also a 2nd degree black belt in Hapkido, taught and practiced several disciplines of Martial Arts for 23 years. I am grateful as this is an asset in body mechanics!

Sessions are tailored for each client according to their needs

I incorporate many different modalities in a session from traditional to many new techniques which I've sought out and learned through the years. I always customize sessions for each client according to their needs. Consultations are provided so I can gain a better understanding of how I can help and what modalities can be utilized. This is also paramount for successful, therapeutic results.

BMT" (Body Mobilization Techniques)

One of my most successful modalities is "BMT" (Body Mobilization Techniques) a favorite among clients, it's true deep tissue without painful pressure, often relaxing and produces excellent results! I also incorporate stretching unless contraindicated. These modalities are especially helpful to athletes, those who are physically demanding on their bodies and especially those who are spending more time working from home sitting at a desk! Been seeing more clients with complaints of lower back pain. Most people don't realize massage therapy is paramedical! Take care of your body ---It's the only place you have to live! 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: My practice is strictly professional! I'm here to help people. Please be respectful and refrain from any unethical intent. Thank you!